Bridges Rehabilitaion, Highway 4

Sorek bridges 53 meters, Palmachim bridges 25 meters, and Pleshet railway bridges 39 meters
Superstructure width
16.5 meters
Superstructure height
1.4 – 1.65 meters
Main span
Sorek 18 meters (3 spans), Palmachim 25 meters (single span), and Pleshet 18 meters (3 spans)
Planning time
6 months (completed 10/2014)
Netivei Israel National Transport Infrastructure Company
3 pairs of Aasto Bridges built on the 70th'
MMA sealer

Our Solution

ViaBridges was contracted to design the rehabilitation of Palmchim, Sorek and Pleshet railroad double-bridges along Israel's Highway 4, on the country's coastline. Requirements included geometry adjustments to accommodate a new third lane, and seismic retrofit upgrading to comply with latest standards and rehabilitaion including sealers and coating.

Success story 1: To suite a smooth lane transition at normal driving speed, one shoulder of each bridge was cut and re-cast on a raised plane. Then MMA technology was used for paving the top coat, providing a dual solution both as a waterproof sealer and as a friction overlayer (instead of the permeable and slippery concrete paving). ViaBridges is the first in Israel to use MMA, and results were immensely successful.

Success story 2: To ensure minimal interference with traffic, while ensuring bridge resistance to seismic activity, ViaBridges developed a new type of a fuse. This fuse comprises four hidden poles, placed under the approach ramps of each bridge. This simple yet effective solution was embraced with much success.

Success story 3: During the project execution, Palmachim bridge was struck by a passing semi-trailer truck that completely destroyed three of its girders. Traffic was detoured due to the hazard, and ViaBridges was asked to provide a quick solution. The girders were replaced with and improved design, especially designed with new shellow beams, to increase clearance height.

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