Hilton Hotel Pedestrian Bridges

Southern overpass 24 meters, Northern overpass 19 meters
Superstructure width
15.5 meters, 12 meters
Superstructure height
0.3-0.4 meters
Main span
24 meters and 19 meters (single span)
Planning time
5 months (completed 2/2014)
Tel Aviv Municipality
Two pedestian concrete arch bridges
Rihabilitaion of an old ancorage system

Our Solution

ViaBridges was invited by the Tel Aviv Municipality to restore and repair two footbridges on the premises of Tel Aviv's seaside Hilton Hotel.

Corrosion by salt and wind from the Mediterranean was amplified by water penetrating through the gardens covering each arch. The prestressed concrete bridge gables were immensely impacted, and showed advanced stages of deterioration. 

Rehabilitation included accurate surveying on-site and in-depth review of original design, to ensure the process meets municipal budget constraints, a key aspect in public projects such as this in Israel.


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