Singalovsky Overpass

25 meters
Superstructure width
2.2 meters
Superstructure height
1.6 meters
Main span
25 meters (single span)
Planning time
1 months
Tel Aviv Municipality
Steel truss, concrete abutments
Rehabilitation of steel truss

Our Solution

ViaBridges was invited to rehabilitate the pedestrian bridge leading to Singalovsky College, crossing above one of Tel Aviv's busiest roads. The bridge showed signs of fatigue, and through lab testing, ViaBridges found evidence of internal damage due to aging.

To provide an immediate solution until the old bridge is rehabilitated, ViaBridges offered a temporary design. Two low barriers were erected inside the bridge, parallel to its inner walls, reducing the width of the passageway. This restricts the number of people and the weight per area, to ensure safety. The rehabilitation will include bracing the main steel truss of the bridge.

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